Kenya Flag

Kenya flag
Kenya flag

Kenya's flag, called in Swahili as the “Bendera ya Kenya,” is a tricolor of black, red, and green with two white borders. The flag has a red, white, and black Maasai shield with two crossed spears that are overlaid on it.

The flag was formally approved on December 12th, 1963, following Kenya's independence, and is based on the flag of the Kenya African National Union.

The flag's colors have specific connotations, with the black representing the Kenyan people, the red representing their struggle for freedom and independence, and the green representing the country's natural abundance and fertility. Furthermore, the Maasai Shield and crossed spears are a symbol of Kenyan unity and defense of freedom.

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Country information

Kenya is known for its diverse and unique wildlife, including the “Big Five” game animals (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and rhinoceros). The Maasai Mara National Reserve, located in the Great Rift Valley, is home to a large population of these animals and is a popular tourist destination. The country is also home to a variety of landscapes, including the white sandy beaches of the coast, the rolling hills and grasslands of the central highlands, and the arid desert regions of the north. It is bordered by South Sudan to the northwest, Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Uganda to the west, and Tanzania to the south. The country is also bordered by the Indian Ocean to the southeast.

The country has a rich cultural history, with over 40 different ethnic groups. The Maasai people, known for their traditional way of life as semi-nomadic herders, are one of the most well-known groups. The Swahili culture, with its mix of African, Arab, and Indian influences, is also prevalent along the coast.

Kenya has faced a number of challenges, including corruption, political instability, and economic inequality. The country has also been affected by terrorism, with attacks carried out by the extremist group Al-Shabaab in recent years. Despite these challenges, Kenya has made progress in areas such as education and healthcare, and has a growing economy with a focus on sectors such as technology and manufacturing.

Independent Yes
Country codes KE, KEN (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Republic of Kenya
Official languages Swahili and English
Religion 85.5% Christianity, 10.9% Islam, 1.6% No religion, 0.7% Traditional faiths, 1.3% Others
Capital city Nairobi
Continent Africa
Time zone UTC+3 (East Africa Time)
Member of United Nations
Commonwealth of Nations
African Union
East African Community
Population 56,803,681 (2023)
Population density 94 per Km2 (245 people per mi2)
Urban Population 27.8 % of the population is urban (14,975,059 people in 2020)
Migrants (net) -10,000
Median age 20.1 years
Total area The total land area is 569,140 Km2 (219,746 sq. miles)
Highest point Mount Kenya (5 199 m, 17 057 ft)
Lowest point Indian Ocean
GDP per capita $ 2,081 (World Bank, 2021)
Currency Kenyan shilling (Sh, KES)
Calling code +254
Internet TLD .ke (click here to find and register domain name)
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Main Cities by Population in Kenya

1 Nairobi 2,750,547
2 Mombasa 799,668
3 Nakuru 259,903
4 Eldoret 218,446
5 Kisumu 216,479
6 Thika 200,000
7 Malindi 118,265
8 Kitale 75,123
9 Garissa 67,861
10 Kakamega 63,426
11 Kapenguria 56,000
12 Bungoma 55,962
13 Busia 51,981
14 Nyeri 51,084
15 Ol Kalou 47,795
16 Meru 47,226
17 Kilifi 46,118
18 Wajir 45,771
19 Mumias 45,485
20 Voi 45,483
21 Iten 42,000
22 Lugulu 40,894
23 Homa Bay 40,319
24 Naivasha 38,366
25 Nanyuki 36,142
26 Mandera 36,076
27 Narok 36,061
28 Kericho 35,748
29 Migori 35,240
30 Embu 34,922
31 Moyale 34,314
32 Isiolo 33,207
33 Nyahururu 31,978
34 Machakos 31,971
35 Rongai 30,471
36 Pumwani 29,616
37 Kisii 28,547
38 Molo 27,896
39 Kabarnet 24,661
40 Athi River 24,530
41 Lamu 24,525
42 Webuye 22,507
43 Karuri 21,476
44 Kiambu 21,234
45 Maralal 20,841
46 Makueni Boma 20,681
47 Lodwar 20,219
48 Kitui 15,954
49 Marsabit 15,361
50 Siaya 15,354
51 Kerugoya 15,287
52 Muhoroni 15,217
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