Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rica flag
Costa Rica flag

The flag of Costa Rica is a horizontal tricolor of blue, white, and red. The blue and white stripes represent the sky and the sea, respectively, and the red stripe represents the warmth and passion of the Costa Rican people. The coat of arms on the state flag features seven gold stars arranged in a circular pattern, symbolizing the seven provinces of the Republic of Costa Rica.

The colors of the flag are inspired by the ideals of the French Revolution of 1848, including freedom, equality, and brotherhood. The flag is an important symbol of national identity and pride for the people of Costa Rica.

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Country information

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. It is a small country with a land area of about 19,700 square miles, and it is home to over 5 million people, making it the 121st most populous country in the world.

Costa Rica has a diverse and multicultural society, with people of Indigenous, European, African, and Asian descent living in the country. The official language is Spanish, and the country has a predominantly Roman Catholic population.

Costa Rica has a varied and unique landscape, ranging from rainforests to mountains to beaches. The country is known for its beautiful natural scenery and biodiversity, and it is a popular tourist destination.

Costa Rica has a stable and democratic government, with a presidential system of government. It is a member of the United Nations, the Union of Latin American and Caribbean States, and the Organization of American States, and it has a strong relationship with the United States and other countries in the region.

Costa Rica has a strong and diversified economy, with a wide range of industries including agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism. It is a major exporter of coffee, bananas, and pineapples, and it is also home to a growing technology sector.

Independent Yes
Country codes CR, CRI (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Republic of Costa Rica
Official languages Spanish
Religion 72.6% Christianity, 27.0% No religion, 0.4% Others
Capital city San José
Continent North America
Time zone UTC−6 (CST)
Member of United Nations
Organization of American States
Central American Integration System
Population 5,211,099 (2023)
Population density 100 per Km2 (258 people per mi2)
Urban Population 80.0 % of the population is urban (4,074,214 people in 2020)
Migrants (net) 4,200
Median age 33.5 years
Total area The total land area is 51,060 Km2 (19,714 sq. miles)
Highest point Cerro Chirripó (3 820 m, 12 533 ft)
Lowest point North Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea
GDP per capita $ 12,472 (World Bank, 2021)
Currency Costa Rican colón (₡, CRC)
Calling code +506
Internet TLD .cr (click here to find and register domain name)
Country Wikipedia Page Costa Rica Wikipedia Page

Main Cities by Population in Costa Rica

1 San Jose 335,007
2 Limon 63,081
3 San Francisco 55,923
4 Alajuela 47,494
5 Liberia 45,380
6 Paraiso 39,702
7 Puntarenas 35,650
8 San Isidro 34,877
9 Curridabat 34,586
10 San Vicente 34,447
10 San Vicente de Moravia 34,447
11 San Jose 31,430
12 Purral 30,034
13 Turrialba 28,955
14 San Miguel 28,827
15 San Pedro 27,477
16 San Rafael Abajo 27,419
17 Quesada 27,310
18 Ipis 26,669
19 Cartago 26,594
20 Chacarita 26,354
21 San Juan 26,047
22 Mercedes 26,007
23 Guadalupe 26,005
24 Aserri 25,874
25 San Rafael 25,410
26 San Felipe 24,985
27 Patarra 23,983
28 Tejar 22,433
29 Heredia 21,947
30 San Pablo 21,662
31 Calle Blancos 20,710
32 Canas 20,306
33 Guapiles 19,092
34 Siquirres 18,231
35 San Diego 16,991
36 Colima 15,875
37 Esparza 15,575
38 San Juan de Dios 15,469
39 Nicoya 15,313
40 San Rafael Arriba 15,051
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