Aruba Flag

Aruba flag
Aruba flag

The flag of Aruba is a blue, yellow, and red flag with a red star in the top left corner. The symbols on the flag consist of a red star and two yellow stripes.

The red star on the flag represents the four points of the compass, with Aruba having drawn people from around the world. The star also represents the island itself, surrounded by the beautiful blue sea. The horizontal yellow stripes denote the free and separate position that Aruba enjoys within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The color blue on the flag of Aruba represents the sea and the sky, which are important features of the country's landscape. The color yellow represents the sun and the country's natural abundance. The color red represents the country's vibrant culture and its close ties to the Caribbean region.

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Country information

Aruba is an island country located in the southern Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela. It is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and has a total land area of about 70 square miles. Aruba has a rich history and culture, with a unique blend of Caribbean and Dutch influences.

The history of Aruba dates back to pre-Columbian times, and the island was originally inhabited by indigenous Amerindian tribes. In the 16th century, the island was colonized by the Spanish, and later became a part of the Dutch West India Company. Aruba became a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1986.

Today, Aruba is known for its stunning natural beauty, with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and lush tropical vegetation. The island is home to a number of protected areas, including the Arikok National Park, which is home to a variety of plant and animal species, and the Aruba Island Natural Bridge, a natural limestone bridge that has become a popular tourist attraction.

The culture of Aruba is a blend of Caribbean and Dutch influences, with the official languages of the country being Dutch and Papiamento, a creole language spoken on the island. The majority of the population is Roman Catholic, but there are also significant Protestant and Hindu communities. Aruba has a strong tradition of music and dance, with a number of annual festivals and events that celebrate the island's cultural heritage.

Independent No
Country codes AW, ABW (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Aruba
Official languages Papiamento and Dutch
Religion Roman Catholicism 75%
Capital city Oranjestad
Continent North America
Time zone UTC−4:00 (AST)
Member of /
Population 107,913 (2023)
Population density 593 per Km2 (1,536 people per mi2)
Urban Population 43.6 % of the population is urban (46,511 people in 2020)
Migrants (net) 201
Median age 41.0 years
Total area The total land area is 180 Km2 (69 sq. miles)
Highest point Mount Jamanota (188 m, 617 ft)
Lowest point Caribbean Sea
GDP per capita $ 29,342 (World Bank, 2021)
Currency Aruban florin (ƒ, AWG)
Calling code +297
Internet TLD .aw (click here to find and register domain name)
Country Wikipedia Page Aruba Wikipedia Page

Main Cities by Population in Aruba

1 Oranjestad 29,998
2 Tanki Leendert 21,500
3 San Nicolas 15,200
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