Republic of the Congo Flag

Republic of the Congo flag
Republic of the Congo flag

The Republic of the Congo's national flag is a horizontal tricolor of yellow, green, and red. A diagonal band extends from the lower hoist-side corner of the flag, with a green upper triangle and a red lower triangle. The flag was adopted in 1959, replacing the French Tricolor, and served as the flag of the Republic of the Congo until 1970, when it was replaced by the People's Republic of the Congo.

The flag was modified to a red field with the People's Republic coat of arms in the canton under the new rule. This version was in use until the regime's demise in 1991. When the new administration took power, it immediately reinstated the country's old pre-1970 flag as its national flag.

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Country information

The Republic of the Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville, is a country located in Central Africa, bordered by Gabon to the west, Cameroon and the Central African Republic to the north, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the east and south, and the Republic of Angola to the southwest. It is a large and diverse country with a rich cultural heritage and a mix of different ethnicities and religions. The Republic of the Congo is known for its stunning natural beauty, with a varied landscape ranging from forests and savannas to rivers and coastlines.

The history of the Republic of the Congo dates back to ancient times, with the first human settlements dating back to at least 50,000 BC. The country has a long and complex history, with a mix of Bantu, French, and other influences. The Republic of the Congo gained independence from France in 1960, and has since gone through a number of political and economic challenges.

Today, the Republic of the Congo is a lower-middle-income country with a developing economy. The country is known for its production of oil, timber, and agriculture products such as coffee and cocoa, as well as for its growing service sector. The Republic of the Congo has a tropical climate, with hot and humid weather year-round. The official language of the Republic of the Congo is French, and the country has a diverse population with a mix of different ethnicities and religions.

Independent Yes
Country codes CG, COG (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Republic of the Congo
Official languages French
Religion 87.1% Christianity, 8.0% No religion, 2.7% Traditional faiths, 1.2% Islam, 1.0% Others
Capital city Brazzaville
Continent Africa
Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)
Member of United Nations
African Union
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
Population 5,863,256 (2023)
Population density 16 per Km2 (42 people per mi2)
Urban Population 69.9 % of the population is urban (3,857,353 people in 2020)
Migrants (net) -4,000
Median age 19.2 years
Total area The total land area is 341,500 Km2 (131,854 sq. miles)
Highest point Mont Nabemba (1 020 m, 3 346 ft)
Lowest point South Atlantic Ocean
GDP per capita $ 2,290 (World Bank, 2021)
Currency Central African CFA franc (Fr, XAF)
Calling code +242
Internet TLD .cg (click here to find and register domain name)
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Main Cities by Population in Republic of the Congo

1 Brazzaville 1,284,609
2 Pointe-Noire 659,084
3 Dolisie 103,894
4 Kayes 58,737
5 Owando 23,952
6 Ouesso 23,915
7 Loandjili 23,204
8 Madingou 22,760
9 Gamboma 20,877
10 Impfondo 20,859
11 Sibiti 19,089
12 Mossendjo 18,231
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