Åland Islands Flag

Aland Islands flag
Aland Islands flag

The flag of the Åland Islands, an autonomous territory of Finland, is a blue cross on a white background. The flag was officially adopted by the Åland Islands on May 9, 1954, and is based on the traditional flag of the islands, which has been in use for centuries.

The blue cross on the flag of the Åland Islands is a Scandinavian cross, similar to the flags of Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. The cross represents the islands' connection to the region and its cultural heritage. The color blue is often associated with trust, loyalty, wisdom, and stability, and is a common color in Scandinavian flags.

The white background of the flag symbolizes purity, innocence, and peace. It is also a traditional color in Scandinavian flags, representing the snowy landscapes of the region.

The flag of the Åland Islands is a simple yet powerful symbol that reflects the islands' history and culture. It is an important national symbol for the people of the Åland Islands and is often displayed at official ceremonies and events.

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Country information

The Åland Islands, also known as the Åland Islands Autonomous Region, are an archipelago located in the Baltic Sea, between Sweden and Finland. The islands are an autonomous region of Finland, and are considered a unique case of self-governance within the European Union.

The Åland Islands have a long and fascinating history, with evidence of human habitation dating back to the Stone Age. The islands have been inhabited by a variety of different cultures over the centuries, including the Vikings, the Russians, and the Swedes. In the 19th century, the islands were annexed by Russia, and were later ceded to Finland in the aftermath of World War I.

Today, the Åland Islands are known for their stunning natural beauty, with over 6,500 islands, islets, and skerries making up the archipelago. The islands are home to a number of protected areas, including the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site, which is home to a unique ecosystem that is home to a variety of plant and animal species.

The Åland Islands have a distinct culture and way of life, with a strong tradition of self-governance and a high degree of autonomy within Finland. The official language of the islands is Swedish, and the islands have their own parliament, which is responsible for many aspects of local government, including education, healthcare, and transportation.

Despite their small size and remote location, the Åland Islands have a thriving economy, with a focus on tourism, shipping, and forestry. The islands are a popular destination for tourists, who come to enjoy the stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and unique way of life.

If you're interested in learning more about the Åland Islands, there are many resources available, including books, articles, and documentaries that provide insight into the islands' history, culture, and way of life.

Independent No
Country codes AX, ALA (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Åland Islands
Official languages Swedish
Religion Lutherans 78.3%, nondenominational 20.5%, Greek Orthodoxes 0.3%, Roman Catholics 0.3%, Jehovah's Witnesses 0.2%, other 0.4%
Capital city Mariehamn
Continent Europe
Time zone UTC+02:00 (EET) • Summer (DST) • UTC+03:00 (EEST)
Member of Nordic Council
Population 30,129 (2020)
Population density 19.07/km2 (49.4/sq mi)
Urban Population /
Migrants (net) /
Median age 30.6 years
Total area The total land area is 1,580 km2 (610 sq mi)
Highest point /
Lowest point /
GDP per capita $ 42,553 (World Bank, 2021)
Currency Euro (€, EUR)
Calling code +358 18
Internet TLD .ax (click here to find and register domain name)
Country Wikipedia Page Åland Islands Wikipedia Page

Main Cities by Population in Åland Islands

1 Mariehamn 11,736
2 Jomala 5,509
3 Finström 2,642
4 Lemland 2,133
5 Saltvik 1,810
6 Hammarland 1,624
7 Sund 1,020
8 Eckerö 934
9 Föglö 501
10 Brändö 449
11 Geta 506
12 Vårdö 462
13 Lumparland 376
14 Kumlinge 313
15 Kökar 224
16 Sottunga 105
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