Faroe Islands Flag

Faroe Islands flag
Faroe Islands flag

The Faroe Islands' flag consists of a white background with an offset red Nordic cross fimbriated azure. The Merki, which means “the banner” or “the mark,” is its name.

The flag's design is similar to that of other Nordic countries such as Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, and it is sometimes referred to as the “Danish flag” in the Faroe Islands due to the country's status as a Danish autonomous region.

The flag's white color depicts the foam of the sea and the Faroe Islands' pristine, brilliant sky, while the red and blue colors are reminiscent of other Scandinavian and Nordic flags and indicate the Faroe Islands' relations with these countries.

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Country information

The Faroe Islands are a self-governing territory of Denmark located in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Scotland and Iceland. They are made up of 18 main islands, as well as several smaller islands. The Faroe Islands have a land area of about 541 square miles, and they are home to over 50,000 people.

The Faroe Islands have a unique and diverse landscape, ranging from mountains to fjords to coastlines. The climate is temperate, with cool and wet winters and mild and dry summers. The Faroe Islands are known for their beautiful natural scenery and wildlife, and they are a popular tourist destination.

The Faroe Islands have a parliamentary system of government, with the Prime Minister of Denmark serving as the head of state. The official language is Faroese, and the majority of the population is of Scandinavian descent. The Faroe Islands are a self-governing territory, and they have a strong relationship with Denmark.

The Faroe Islands have a strong and diversified economy, with a wide range of industries including agriculture, fishing, and tourism.

Independent No
Country codes FO, FRO (ISO 3166-1)
Official name Faroe Islands
Official languages Faroese and Danish
Religion Christianity
Capital city Tórshavn
Continent Europe
Time zone UTC±00:00 (WET) • Summer (DST) • UTC+01:00 (WEST)
Member of Nordic Council
Population 49,333 (2023)
Population density 35 per Km2 (91 people per mi2)
Urban Population 43.3 % of the population is urban (21,155 people in 2020)
Migrants (net) /
Median age /
Total area The total land area is 1,396 Km2 (539 sq. miles)
Highest point Slættaratindur on Eysturoy (880 m, 2 887 ft)
Lowest point North Atlantic Ocean
GDP per capita $ 69,010 (World Bank, 2021)
Currency Danish krone (kr, DKK), Faroese króna (kr, FOK)
Calling code +298
Internet TLD .fo (click here to find and register domain name)
Country Wikipedia Page Faroe Islands Wikipedia Page

Main Cities by Population in Faroe Islands

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